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What is ICDB?

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting was launched by UNICEF in 1991 in order to encourage broadcasters worldwide to create awareness for children issues. ICDB, celebrated for sixteen years on the first Sunday in December, was a day when broadcasters around the world "Tuned in to Kids". Broadcasters would air quality programming for and about children. Over the years, children’s participation became a keystone of the ICDB. Broadcasters began to allow children to be part of the programming process, to talk about their hopes and dreams and share information with their peers.

Every year, thousands of broadcasters in more than a hundred countries took part in the day, celebrating it in ways that were as unique and special as children themselves. In 2009, the celebration moved to the first Sunday in March.

In 1994, UNICEF joined with the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to award the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award. The Award was given to a television broadcaster whose ICDB programming best embodied the mission of the day. In 2008, UNICEF began to award its own ICDB Awards, which honored both television and radio.

Television and radio play a vital role in raising awareness of global issues. Television and radio also play a tremendous and very critical role in shaping children's lives. UNICEF urges broadcasters to advance overall child development in their countries by producing documentaries that detail the plight of children, dramas that help break down gender stereotypes and reduce discrimination and animation that both teaches and entertains. Television and radio can become meaningful, positive media experiences for children and young people.

UNICEF encourages broadcasters to open airwaves to youth throughout the year, as the ICDB moves from being just one day to an overarching initiative to involve more young people in the media process.




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