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The State of the World's Children 2004
Girls, Education and Development


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Duration: 59:42

Keywords: girls, education, Carol Bellamy, peace, state of the world's children, development, schools

Main shooting locations: India, Sudan, Zambia, Afghanistan, Brazil and Egypt

Main sequences: 

1.  There can be no excuses.  An edited, narrated five-minute video introducing the importance of girls' education

  1. English narration
  2. International version

2.  B-roll sequences and interviews:

  1. India: rural girls are empowered by learning karate at school.
  2. Sudan: peace brings new educational opportunities to the country
  3. Zambia: a rural school teaches children how to avoid HIV/AIDS
  4. Afghanistan: peace brings girls of all ages flooding back to school
  5. Brazil: a unique after-school programme keeps boys in school in the slums of Rio de Janeiro
  6. Egypt: a one-room school in Upper Egypt provides a bright future for a former child labourer
  7. Interview with Carol Bellamy, UNICEF Executive Director

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