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International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB)

Official Entry Form

To be considered for the 2011 ICDB Award, please submit the following required materials:

  • The completed Official Entry Form 
  • One (1) copy of your ICDB presentation on a DVD-R for television and CD for radio
  • A written summary, in English, detailing the programme presentation
  • Submit all required materials to your UNICEF regional office (see here). 

No entry will be considered until all materials are complete.

All entries must arrive by Friday 1 July 2011. 


Program Title

Name of presenting broadcaster:

Country of presenting broadcaster:

Date of broadcast:



Contact Person:

Job Title:

Company (if different than broadcaster):


Full street address:



Postal Code:


(include country and city codes)

(include country and city codes)


Programme Title:

Names of co-producing partners:

Length of original presentation:
(i.e.: 2 hrs. 21mins.)

Length of submitted presentation:
(i.e.: 42mins.)

Original language of presentation:

Synopsis of presentation material recorded on enclosed entry:

VIDEO FORMAT: (check one)
525/NTSC 625/PAL

AUDIO FORMAT: (check one)

(Please answer on separate sheet of paper.)

1. Please provide a short description of your broadcasting station and its regular programming.
2. What percentage of your budget comes from:

Public Government____   Private Sponsors____   Non-Profit Organizations____

3. Do you receive support from UNICEF? (check one) 
Yes   No 

In what form (programmatic, monetary)?
4. What percent of your yearly budget is devoted to children’s programming?
What percentage of your staff is dedicated to children’s programming?

5. Do you have regularly scheduled children’s programming (i.e. weekly shows, monthly shows)?
How many hours a month (on average)? 

6. Explain your approach to youth and children and media.

7. Have you held any media training for youth?  Do you do training throughout the year? If you have provided, or currently provide, media training for youth, please provide a short description.

8. If you media trainings for youth, how do you recruit youth to participate?

9. Please explain the role of youth/children in the production and/or creation of the program submitted. Include the number of youth involved.

10. Was this submission aired as a part of regular youth programming? 

11. Who is the intended and actual audience for your program?

12. Do you have any other programs/activites/events you would like us to know about?


Please send all submission materials to the appropriate UNICEF Regional Office. Click here for a complete list.




ICDB Award Entry Rules

Click here to read the rules and regulations for submitting.

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