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Current programmes:

PGM_028: Child camel jockeys return home

• Fifteen-year-old Ghulam Sarwar spent almost half of his young life racing camels far away from his home in Pakistan. Exactly how did he become a camel jockey? And what was his life like? We talk to Ghulam, who just returned to his home country of Pakistan, waiting to be united with his family at a child protection institute.

PGM_027: Youth in Cameroon fight HIV and AIDS

• A group of young people in Douala are identifying out their neighborhood danger zones for HIV, and participating in youth center activities.

PGM_026: Pakistan: Youth against violence

• The UN Study on Violence Against Children is gathering inputs from young people, experts and officials, through consultations in every region around the globe. Two of the youth leaders who spoke at the most recent consultation – held 19-21 May in Islamabad, Pakistan – were Noor Jahan from Afghanistan and Ugen from Bhutan.

PGM_025: Youth movement against violence

• Marleni Cuellar, 20, has dedicated herself to building a new youth movement called ‘Xchange’ which is launching in Belize and the rest of the Caribbean Region over the next few months. Xchange is all about building harmony and commitment against violence one person at a time, through musical events, dramas and other participatory methods.

PGM_024: Youth-published newsletter coming soon

• Voices of Youth members from around the globe get together to create newsletter about the issues they care about most.

PGM_023: Tanzania bednet program succeeds

• A programme to provide bednets to prevent malaria in Tanzania, starting with the women and children, is a huge success, and is being expanded across the country.

PGM_022: Bam, Iran's mobile libraries

• UNICEF trained librarians are travelling in and around Bam, in Iran, to deliver mobile library services to children throughout the area. Since the earthquake here, over a year ago, the regular library services are inadequate to meet the demand. Miranda Eeles reports.

PGM_021: Listen to Dan Thomas' Radio Diary as he travelled through Sri Lanka three months after the tsunami

• Sri Lanka is one of the countries that was most devastated by the tsunami of 26 December, 2004.  Not so much for the numbers killed but because more than half of its entire coastline was badly hit – all the way from the southwest to the northeast tip.

PGM_020: Lena Yacoumopoulou reports on schools, water, sanitation and nutrition efforts of UNICEF in Tamil Nadu, India
• UN Radio reporter Lena Yacoumopoulou brings us stories from the frontlines of the rebuilding efforts in Tamil Nadu, India, about three months after the tragic tsunami of last December. She reports on schools and counseling for traumatized youngsters, water and sanitiation projects underway, and nutrition education and improvement going on in the region, all under the leadership of UNICEF field workers.

PGM_019: Youth Reporter Jordan from Ireland reports on how sports can help both children and nations           
• Jordan talks to young people from different parts of the world and to UNICEF officers who work in Sports for Development to understand more about this important issue.

PGM_018: Kids Respond to violence and a UN study on violence against children begins                                       
• Youth from Australia and India talk about violence against children, and ways to prevent it.
• Amaya Gillespie from the UN talks about a comprehensive study of the issue that she is working on with many global partners.

PGM_017: Aceh's School-in-a-Box Program starts up after the Tsunami hit the region                                       
• Sophie Boudre of UN Radio spent time with children and teachers in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, who were using UNICEF's "School-in-a-box" kits to get students back to school after the devastation caused by December's Tsunami.

PGM_016: A young Iraqi girl describes her family’s preparations for the coming elections                                 
• Sara returns to tell us more about the tough choices her family has made on the eve of Iraq’s election, in her second digital diary for UNICEF Voices of Youth and UNICEF Radio.

PGM_015: Youth from around the globe contribute to the tsunami relief effort                                                  
• Throughout the world, governments and aid organizations have been working around the clock to help the victims of last month’s tsunami. But what is equally amazing, and less well-documented, is the determination of individual young people from Bogota to Jakarta to help in whatever way they can.

PGM_014: Digital Diaries - polio webchat               
• Danielle, 13, and Rodrique, 19, are both in school and live with their families. Danielle lives in Benin, and Rodrique, in Cameroon. What do they have in common? A desire to help educate their people, especially young children and their parents, about polio.

PGM_013: How UNICEF has evolved through emergency work                                                                            
• Interview with Deputy Executive Director Kul Gautam, who, in 32 years with UNICEF, has acquired a unique perspective on responding to emergencies

PGM_012: One year after Bam earthquake              
• One year after the earthquake in Bam, Iran, we hear stories of how the rebuilding efforts are going, and the lives of children who suffered losses

PGM_011: Digital Diaries - Uganda                                        
• Two Ugandan young people, members of UNICEF's Voices of Youth, talk about their own lives in the peaceful part of their country, and their reactions to the violent conflict happening in the north.

PGM_010: Children gather online as The State of the World’s Children 2005 launches                                                
• Children in Malaysia, Nigeria, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the UK exchange views on how poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS threaten children around the globe.

PGM_009: The fight against sex trafficking in Romania - a remarkable woman takes action                             
• UNICEF's flagship report focuses on how poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS threaten children around the globe. Listen to this preview.

PGM_008: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo speaks to mothers about HIV/AIDS                                
• Radio spot for mothers about HIV/AIDS from UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo

PGM_007: Protecting Children - Landmines        
• 14-year-old Cambodian boy talks about stepping on a landmine and losing both his legs

PGM_006: Protecting Children - Child Soldiers      
• Child soldiers, released from a rebel army in southern Sudan, return to their families

PGM_005: Protecting Children - Child Trafficking  
• Sexually exploited and trafficked of children in Albania, the Philippines and Sierra Leone

PGM_004: Protecting Children - Child Labor          
• Small children forced to work many hours each day making cigarettes in Tamil Nadu, India

PGM_003: Immunizing the world’s children          
• Vaccinating vulnerable children in troubled Haiti
• Combating deadly Hepatitis B in rural Cambodia
• One doctor’s battle to wipe out polio in Assyut, Egypt

PGM_002: The Power of Education                       
• Lalita, 18, from Bihar, India transforms her life through education – and karate
• Vida, 19, escapes an unhappy marriage and gets a new start in post-Taliban Afghanistan

PGM_001: The Global Struggle against HIV/AIDS  
• Youth drama and music to deliver a safer-sex messages in Botswana
• Working with young people to spread the word about HIV/AIDS in Namibia









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PGM_027: Youth in Cameroon Fight HIV and AIDS (mp3,  7.9 minutes,  7.4 MB)

PGM_026: Pakistan: Youth against violence (mp3,  6 minutes,  2.9 MB)

PGM_025: Youth movement against violence (mp3, 8 minutes,  7.5 MB)

PGM_024: Youth-published newsletter (mp3,  3.2 MB)

PGM_023: Tanzania bednet program (mp3,  6.7MB)

PGM_022: Bam, Iran's mobile libraries (mp3, 4 minutes,  1.9 MB)

PGM_021: Sri Lanka Radio Diary (mp3, 12.4 minutes,  12 MB)

PGM_020: Frontline Story - Tamil Nadu, India (mp3, 8.1 minutes,  3.8 MB)

PGM_019: Digital diaries - Sport (mp3, 7.8 minutes,  3.6 MB)

PGM_018: Stop Silence! End violence against children (mp3, 8 minutes,  3.8 MB)

PGM_017: Aceh School-in-a-Box (mp3, 5 minutes, 12 MB)

PGM_016: Digital Diaries - Iraq (mp3, 5 minutes, 2.2 MB)

PGM_015: Youth aid in tsunami disaster relief (mp3, 10 minutes, 4.8 MB)

PGM_014: Digital Diaries - polio webchat (mp3, 6 minutes, 2.8 MB)

PGM_013: How UNICEF has evolved through emergency work (mp3, 10.2 minutes, 4.8 MB)

PGM_012: One year after Bam earthquake (mp3, 6 minutes, 3.1 MB)

PGM_011: Digital diaries - Uganda (mp3, 8 minutes, 3.7 MB)

PGM_010: State of the World's Children webchat (mp3, 4 minutes, 1.8 MB)

PGM_009: The Fight Against Sex Trafficking in Romania (mp3, 8 minutes, 7.3 MB)

PGM_008: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo speaks to mothers about HIV/AIDS (mp3, 36 seconds, 0.6 MB)

PGM_007: Protecting Children/Landmines (mp3, 8 mins, 7.3 MB)

PGM_006: Protecting Children/Child Soldiers (mp3, 6 mins, 6.0 MB)

PGM_005: Protecting Children/Child Trafficking (mp3, 6 mins, 5.7MB)

PGM_004: Protecting Children/Child Labour (mp3, 6 mins, 6.0MB)

PGM_003: Immunizing the World’s Children (mp3, 16 mins, 15.5MB)

PGM_002: The Power of Education (mp3, 15 mins, 13.7MB)

PGM_001: The Global Struggle against HIV/AIDS (mp3, 17 mins, 7.9MB)