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Audrey Hepburn, Tape 3: 1992-2003

Tape#: 15904

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(0:29, Real format)

Duration: 1:14:40

Keywords: children, AIDS, feeding centre, malnourish, refugee camp, food bags, irrigation, school, health clinic, babies, commemoration, goodwill ambassadors

Main shooting locations: UN, Somalia, Nairobi, Kenya, UNICEF House

Main sequences: 

PSA for Yugoslavian children, Audrey speaks on AIDS education and ICDB, visiting feeding centre in Somalia, Audrey with children, Audrey brings malnourished child to food line, visiting Mogadishu port and seeing food bags, Audrey tries to feed child in camp in Kenya, interview with Audrey in Kenya, PSA for Somalia, sound bites from Goodwill Ambassadors, unveiling of "Spirit of Audrey" statue, unveiling of Audrey Hepburn commemorative stamp.

Because of the age of the original footage, some of the footage on these brolls is not of the highest quality.  It is included for historical purposes, so that the ambassador’s tenure with UNICEF could be chronicled through images.


Read the shotlist and script (PDF format) in:

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