UNICEF Venezuela considers very positive the rapid and safe return to classes of children and adolescents affected by the rains in Las Tejerías

25 October 2022

Las Tejerías, Aragua. October 24, 2022. The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, in Venezuela, considers very positive the rapid return of children and adolescents to classes in the municipality of Las Tejerías after the tragedy occurred by the heavy rains two weeks ago in the area.

In cases of natural disasters such as the one experienced by the community of Las Tejerías, it is important that children and adolescents quickly regain a sense of normalcy, and returning to their academic routine is one way to achieve this because in school they find a space for accompaniment from their teachers and peers, as well a mechanism to escape from the stress of adults at home.

At the global level, UNICEF has the mandate to promote the right to education of children affected by emergencies such as those that occur as a result of natural phenomena; because of this, UNICEF has the experience and capacity to support the educational authorities to respond effectively to these situations.

In close coordination with the national authorities that care for the population affected by the landslides in Las Tejerías, UNICEF has contributed to the return to classes with support in training and psychosocial containment for teachers and the affected school communities, in addition to pedagogical supplies, water, hygiene and sanitation, nutrition and health.

Together with the Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educación (Ministry of Popular Power for Education), training and tools have been provided that are allowing teachers to recover emotionally and have the necessary pedagogical resources to provide protection, emotional support, and gradually resume activities in a safe, healthy and friendly environment. after the tragedy experienced. With the group activities of psycho-emotional support, it has been possible to support 357 teachers from 24 local schools.

UNICEF has contributed to facilitating the work of teachers, administrators, and other school personnel through the provision of educational kits for the development of their work. It is planned to deliver 6,482 educational kits and tools for teachers to carry out their work in prioritized schools.

UNICEF's contribution to the educational community will continue in the form of psycho-emotional support for children and adolescents based on recreational artistic activities and training in water treatment and conservation and adequate sanitation and hygiene practices. The mental health component for adolescents, children, and teachers is carried out in coordination with the Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Salud (Ministry of Popular Power for Health).

Training is also offered in psychological first aid, caregiver self-care, as well as educational planning in an emergency situation.

Similarly, in coordination with the MPPS, front-line personnel are supported with personal protection equipment, hygiene items; as well as medicines, and other supplies for delivery care.

With the authorities of the Ministerio del Poder Popular para las Aguas (Ministry of People's Power for Water), a support plan is being implemented for 32 schools so that they have access to drinking water and hygiene through supplies and training. To date, more than 450 hygiene kits have been distributed and the delivery of water filters, cleaning kits, tool kits, hand washing points, soap, and boots is being scheduled.

In coordination with the Instituto Nacional de Nutrición (National Institute of Nutrition), the needs of children and adolescents and pregnant and lactating women are met, with supplies such as Albendazole, Iron and Folic Acid, oral rehydration salts, nutritional supplements, and water purification tablets.

In addition to responding to the consequences of natural disasters, UNICEF is committed to strengthening local and national capacities for disaster risk reduction, which, now more than ever, are damaging countries and economies around the world. the world.

"As we respond to the impact of what happened, we want to contribute to disaster risk prevention, based on the experience that UNICEF has in other countries," said Abubacar Sultan, UNICEF Representative in Venezuela.

Since the damage caused by the rains became known, the United Nations System in Venezuela has been in contact with the national authorities to make available to the affected population the supplies, technical support, and support required to attend to the people affected by the rains in early October.

The work of UNICEF and the UN, in response to situations such as the one caused by the rains in Venezuela, is based on the principles of neutrality, impartiality, and humanity.

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