UNICEF Venezuela alert of false information about the Coronavirus

In the country, our only information channels are: https://www.unicef.org/venezuela/ and @unicefvenezuela on social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

04 March 2021
Alerta de información falsa

Caracas, March 13, 2020.- UNICEF Venezuela alerts about false information that is circulating on social networks and media, in relation to Covid 19 (Coronavirus) and that is erroneously attributed to it.

These messages indicate, among other things, supposed practices for the prevention of the onset of the disease, such as eating ice cream and other cold foods. This is, of course, totally untrue.

UNICEF asks members of society to seek accurate information, and from verified sources such as UNICEF, WHO, government health officials, and trusted health professionals, on how to stay safe. It also asks that you refrain from sharing information from untrusted or unverified sources.

In the country, our only information channels are https://www.unicef.org/venezuela/ and @unicefvenezuela on social networks Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To the creators of such fake messages, we tell them to stop. Sharing inaccurate information and misappropriating the names of those in a position of trust is dangerous and wrong.

Media contacts

Rocío Ortega
Communication Chief
UNICEF Venezuela
Tel: +58 414 2306342


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