These are the winners of the contest "Hagamos la Tarea Juntos" (Let's do Homework Together)

For second year in a row, El Pitazo y UNICEF Venezuela invited children and adolescents to participate in their contest of stories/narratives and comics. Find out who are the winners of this second edition.

25 March 2022
Portada Hagamos la tarea juntos
UNICEF Venezuela

A total of 12 children and adolescents of the states of Carabobo, Anzoátegui, Monagas, Zulia, Distrito Capital, Barinas, Bolívar, Falcón, Sucre, Miranda, Aragua, Trujillo y Táchira are the winners of the contest "Hagamos la Tarea Juntos" (Let´s do homework together), invited by El Pitazo and UNICEF Venezuela. In this edition, other four participants received an honorary mention.

In this edition, held from November 1 to December 15, 216 works were received, including stories and comics, and 166 went to the review and evaluation stage in compliance with the provisions of the contest rules.   

During this round, the qualifying jury took into account the originality, creativity, and coherence of the content; attachment to the theme of the proposal, which in this edition was coexistence with family, friends, and community in the context of the pandemic, and the concordance between the work submitted and the requirements of this edition.

With "Hagamos la tarea juntos" (Let´s do homework together), El Pitazo and UNICEF Venezuela promote the right to children and adolescent participation, as it is established b the Convention of the Rights of the Child, and highlight the importance of being resilient, facing adversities together, and building a better present and future world.

As in the first edition of the contest, the central axis is that children and adolescents express their ideas and emotions, and tell their stories of resilience in the family and community environment, in a complex context such as the one represented by the pandemic by COVID-19 in the world.


These are the winners:


Group 1 (from 10 to 12 years old)

  1. Agustín Jiménez – Una bicicleta “Influencer” (An "Influencer" bike).
  2. Adriel Becerra – La Silla Vacía (The Empty Chair).
  3. Josmairy Fernández - La vida es bonita (Life is Beautiful).

Honorable mention:  Mia Salgado – El Ave Fénix (The Phoenix)


Group 2 (from 13 to 16 years old)

  1. Anastasia Tellechea – Realidad Paralela (Parallel Reality).
  2. Lisania Infante - El tiempo es ahora  (The time is now).
  3. Sebastián Molino - Con Amor y Humor mi Relato en Cuarentena (With Love and Humor my Story in Quarantine)

Honorable mention: Valentina Quevedo – Tal vez mañana (Maybe Tomorrow).



Group 1 (from 10 to 12 years old)

  1. Fernanda Mirabal - Mi divertida cuarentena (My Fun Quarantine).
  2. Shanthal Rojas - Detrás de la lupa (Behind the Magnifying Glass).
  3. Emanuel Salas - Todo lo tengo en casa (I Have Everything at Home).

Honorable mention: Patricia Ramos – Una Luz en la Oscuridad (A Light in the Dark).


Group 2 (from 13 to years old)

  1. Auriesther Caguao - Mi día a día (My Day-to-Day).
  2.  Asbel Hidalgo – Llegó el COVID-19 a Venezuela (COVID-19 arrived to Venezuela).
  3. Nicole Mafifa – Hola, me llamo Nicole (Hi, my name is Nicole).

Honorable mention: Joselyn Mesa - When my mother told me


The winners will receive as a prize, in addition to Internet connection equipment, storybooks according to their ages, supplies for writing and coloring, and the opportunity to publish their work on the contest website, designed especially for this event that reaches its second edition.

The qualifying jury for the contest was made up of professors Margarita Palacios, Mariella Adrián and Ingrid González; Moraima Guanipa, Social Communicator, a specialist in cultural journalism and Marijosé Pérez, Bachelor of Arts.

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