Combining efforts for effective immunization

Opening of cold chain warehouses in all the regions of the country is happening in September.

UNICEF Uzbekistan
map of cold chain warehouses
UNICEF Uzbekistan
24 September 2019

For every child and their parents, immunization is an essential part of the first years of life. When parents commit to immunization, they acknowledge their responsibility to protect their child’s health.

The Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and WHO, with financial support from GAVI Vaccine Alliance, are working together to implement a joint project to strengthen health systems, including cold chain equipment optimization platforms that will improve vaccine storage and transportation. This month is marked by the official opening of a number of cold chain warehouses across the country and their hand over to the Ministry of Health.

“All vaccines for Uzbekistan will be transported and kept in optimal conditions and at the required temperature, starting from the moment of shipment to the delivery of vaccines to each region, and then on to district vaccination points of the Republic” says Mr. Bakhrom Almatov, Director of the Agency on Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing.

участники церемонии держат табличку октрываемого склада для вакцин
UNICEF Uzbekistan
холодовой склад для вакцин
UNICEF Uzbekistan

It has taken almost two years to build cold chain warehouses in all the regions of the country and then to equip them with special equipment such as cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers for vaccines, temperature monitoring devices, cold boxes, and auto-refrigerators worth a total of more than ten million US dollars.

Every single vaccine that Uzbekistan purchases is certified, and whether the vaccination takes place in a polyclinic or private vaccination center, vaccine quality and safety is strongly monitored. The enhanced cold chain facilities will play a vital role in keeping each vial of the life-saving vaccine in an optimal state so that every child in Uzbekistan can benefit from safe and effective immunization.