The State of the World’s Children 2016: A fair chance for every child

Inequity imperils millions of children and threatens the future of the world

Положение детей в мире, 2016 год


As we look around the world today, we’re confronted with an uncomfortable but undeniable truth: Millions of children’s lives are blighted, for no other reason than the country, the community, the gender or the circumstances into which they are born.

Положение детей в мире, 2016 год: Справедливые возможности для каждого ребенка
Yoka Brandt, Deputy Executive Director; Geeta Rao Gupta, Deputy Executive Director; Gerard Bocquenet, Ted Chaiban, Sarah Cook, Paloma Escudero, Andres Franco, Claudia Gonzalez Romo, Goran Holmqvist, Karin Hulshof, Afshan Khan, Olav Kjørven, Jeffrey O’Mall
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Russian, English