Girls can: Story of Muslima from Tashkent

Story of a 16-year-old programmer

UNICEF Uzbekistan
девочка в школьной форме сидит с книгой в руках
UNICEF Uzbekistan
07 March 2020

As a schoolgirl, I was very interested in computer games. It bothered my parents. However, seeing my interest, they directed my hobby in the right direction.

When I was in the 5th grade, my father took me to the Codecraft Center at Inha University, Tashkent. With the help of my mentors, I began to learn the basics of programming and created mini-games in Scratch. Later I learned web programming, languages C ++ and Java.

Sometimes people did not understand and did not support my ideas. Some simply smiled, expressing their doubts, or openly stated that I could not cope. Despite that, I continued to persistently go towards my goal.

My parents and mentors played an important role in my life. Their continued support and understanding helped me determine the area in which I would like to develop.

две девочки стоят на сцене с подарочными пакетами в руках
UNICEF Uzbekistan

I’m currently working hard to become a member of the TechGirls summer program for girls in science and technology in the United States. I successfully passed the first test, and an interview awaits me ahead. The experience of participating in this program can change the whole life. My dream is to become a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

I continue my professional development and help younger girls who are interested in programming. I am the mentor of a team of girls, 5th and 6th grades, at the global Technovation contest. Now my team is working on creating a useful application for society on 17 sustainable development goals.

I believe in my team and other girls who go towards their dreams, despite the difficulties and distrust of others. I went through this and I’m sure that girls can be cool programmers. You just need to continue your study and development and firmly move towards your goals.