UNICEF and the Agency of Preschool Education signed an agreement to support the Government's efforts to achieve universal preschool enrollment

15 December 2023

TASHKENT, 15 December 2023 - Today, Alberto Biancoli, UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan, a.i. and Agrippina Shin, Deputy Minister of Preschool and School Education, Director of the Agency on Preschool Education signed an agreement to implement the Islamic Development Bank supported project “Enhancing Access to Quality Early Childhood Education Project in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

The objective of the project is to enhance access to quality early childhood education (ECE) services and improve the quality of preschool education in Uzbekistan. Partner organizations will make joint efforts to improve the quality of the learning environment in preschools including those in remote areas.

Based on the successful experience of implementing alternative ECE models in Uzbekistan, it is planned to expand the national network of pre-schools, including support to the private sector. Special attention will be paid to ensure quality and safe WASH facilities in remote areas.

UNICEF and the Ministry of Preschool and School Education commend Islamic Development Bank’s new investment in this project which will support the achievement of the Uzbekistan 2030 Strategy of universal enrollment in preschool education.

Within the framework of the project, UNICEF will support the Agency of Preschool Education leveraging its global expertise and ensuring that preschool education services meet quality standards. Partner organizations will focus on reforming in-service and pre-service training of preschool teachers and managers. Total 14 Regional Cluster Centers for teachers’ professional development will be established and fully equipped, including the upgrading of existing training programme for in-service training of pre-school teachers to be conducted directly by UNICEF.

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