Strengthening Support for Families and Children in the Surkhandarya Region

08 January 2024

In a spirited endeavor to bolster community support and welfare, Surkhandarya region recently hosted a dynamic series of 3-day training supported by the European Union. The initiative, titled “Ensuring expanded access to inclusive education, social services, and legal assistance in the Surkhandarya region,” brought together over 350 enthusiastic specialists such as local government officials, community social workers, inspectors for prevention, patronage nurses, and youth leaders.

The collaborative efforts of the National Agency for Social Protection under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan orchestrated this transformative training event. It aimed to equip a range of professionalswith enriched knowledge and enhanced skills in providing vital support to families and children.

The heart of this comprehensive training revolved around the importance of social work, emphasizing the significance of effective case management in meeting the unique needs of children and families. Delving into the details of conducting needs assessments, participants uncovered the depth and nuances of family dynamics, gaining insights into their fundamental needs and aspirations.

"At first, conducting these assessments seemed daunting, but as we put theory into practice, the impact became crystal clear. The depth revealed by these assessments is truly eye-opening, igniting our passion for this vital work," shared Yulduzkhon Umarbekova, UNICEF National Consultant on Social Policy and Child Protection.

Child protection facets were also a crucial focus during the training sessions. The trainers adeptly navigated through the intricate terrain of identifying signs of child maltreatment, abuse, and exploitation. Emphasis was also placed on the paramount significance of preventive measures and extending support to parents, emphasizing the nurturing aspects of positive parenting.

Discussions delved into addressing domestic violence, providing insights into prevention strategies to protect vulnerable children. Real-life case analyses in group settings enriched participants' understanding and encouraged practical application of their newly acquired knowledge.

"This training has been incredibly valuable, empowering us to enhance our skills for the future. Thank you for simplifying complex concepts," conveyed one of the women activists - Shoirakhon Sotiboldieva, encapsulating the collective sentiment.

As this transformative chapter draws to a close, the legacy of learning and empowerment promises to endure, fostering a community armed with knowledge and driven by compassion. Together, they strive toward creating stronger support systems for families and envisioning a brighter future for the cherished children of the Surkhandarya region.

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Nargiza Egamberdieva
Communication Officer
UNICEF Uzbekistan
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