The Investment Case for Reforming the Child Benefits System in Uzbekistan




Over the past two decades, the child benefits system in Uzbekistan has evolved to reflect a targeted approach that reaches out only to the poorest and most vulnerable children. However, given that Uzbekistan is at the early demographic transition stage, expanded investment in children, including through an equitable, efficient and effective child benefits system, is critical to realize higher productivity associated with a demographic dividend in the future.

The investment case calls to gradually expand the coverage to all children by reconsidering the current system. The four reform options are analyzed by applying quantitative and qualitative analysis tools, including international literature review, situation analysis, cost of inaction analysis, costing analysis, cost-benefit analysis and fiscal space analysis. 

The most economically feasible & result-oriented solutions are outlined to support decision makers in embarking on evidence-based policy decisions regarding benefits for children

UNICEF Uzbekistan
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