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Additional consignment of 800,000 doses of measles vaccine arrived in Ukraine

Kyiv, 20 April, 2018 - The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on request of the Ministry of Health has airlifted a new batch of vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). This is the second delivery of vaccine, which arrived to Ukraine this year to be distributed to the regions to cover the acute needs.

Vaccination coverage in Ukraine has significantly increased in comparison with previous years. Over the last year, more than 90% of children have received their routine vaccination. However, it is not enough to stop the current measles outbreak.

"To ensure protection from infectious diseases, vaccination coverage should be over 95%. For the first time in many years, Ukraine has a sufficient amount of vaccines, which are reliable, safe and effective. I call parents to vaccinate their children and doctors to encourage patients to vaccinate", said Acting Minister of Health, Dr. Ulana Suprun.

UNICEF has procured MMR vaccine called Priorix for the Ukrainian healthcare institutions, which is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium. It is pre-qualified by WHO, has a state registration in Ukraine and provided by the state free of charge.

"UNICEF welcomes the efforts of the Ministry of Health in addressing the current measles outbreak in Ukraine and scaling up the national immunization program. In 2017, MMR routine coverage in Ukraine has nearly doubled and exceeded 90%. We will further support the Ministry of Health by procuring and delivering the required quantities of quality vaccines to protect each child in Ukraine from deadly but easily preventable deceases,” highlighted Giovanna Barberis, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine.

In February 2018, UNICEF together with Ministry of Health organized a fast track delivery of 220,000 doses of MMR vaccines to urgently respond to the measles outbreak.

In total, Ukraine will receive more than 2 million doses of measles vaccine this year. This amount will be sufficient to provide measles vaccination for all children in need.

UNICEF is encouraging parents to check the status of their child’s vaccinations. UNICEF also call the parents of all children who missed any doses of any vaccine to get their children vaccinated so they are protected



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