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An adventure in the world of cartoons

Key guests of UNICEF Ukraine birthday

Universal Children’s Day in Ukraine: UNICEF, Film.UA Group and Animagrad Studio carried out ANIMADAY animation holiday for children with disabilities, children refugees and Kyiv school children

On 25 November, UNICEF, Film.UA Group and Animagrad animation studio with the support of magazine “Your Baby” congratulated children on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day and 16th Anniversary of UNICEF in Ukraine. They carried out a fairytale guided tour to the magic world of animation. The children were able to watch new cartoons and also see what is happening behind the curtain of animation production and tried their hands in dubbing of cartoons.

The event started in a cinema theatre where young children were demonstrated new episodes of animation series “Eskimo Girl” that every child irrespective of the age, nationality and native language were able to follow. And when the children went out of a cinema hall, they were greeted by a true Eskimo Girl with her friend Polar Bear!

“Cooperation with UNICEF is now a good tradition for Film.UA Group. We are very happy that it was our joint event where the young spectators were able to see the “Eskimo Girl” at a theatrical release for the first time. And they liked it a lot”, Serhii Sozanovskyi, Film.UA Group, asserted.

Company SweetFactory pleased young guests with the most delicious macaroons in Kyiv. The frontman of music band Eduard Pristupa served pancakes round the children and demonstrated how to prepare a holiday dinner. Then he took a guitar and sang some beautiful children songs. All children happily joined in singing and danced with Eduard. That was another reminder to adults that music has no national and language borders.

Eduard Pristupa said: “I am taking part in the holiday, because I love children very much. That is all. And I wanted to share what I love and can do: sing songs and cook food”.

A Master of ceremony Olena Serdiuk was also singing a lot during the holiday. She danced in a round, she was telling children about the secrets of producing cartoons, and she conducted contests and quizzes. We can sum up that the holiday was excellent and the children were smiling every single minute.

UNICEF and Film.UA team members with kids and mothers

The children who wanted to have a rest from dances were able to take part in master classes on calligraphy and write down their names in 9 different languages. UNICEF Representative in Ukraine Yukie Mokue with her small daughter Pari helped children to write down their names in Japanese.

“Traditionally, UNICEF celebrates its anniversary and the Universal Children’s Day together with our main friends – children. This is a holiday that they can hardly wait for. We are very grateful to our partners at Film.UA that they open the doors of film studio for children for the second year in a row”, said UNICEF Representative in Ukraine Yukie Mokue, “Because children smiles and laugh are the best pictures of our life”.

The children were able to learn how the cartoons are synchronized and even contribute to this art in the film studio “TakTrebaProduction”. All dubbing actors-to-be were given a disc with their voices. In addition, the guests were acquainted with a mysterious man in black who stayed surrounded by a number of cameras. It appeared to be a MoSar actor who demonstrated the system of motion capture that is used to animate the characters of contemporary 3D cartoons. The ballet company “Master class” entertained children with dance performance themed on famous films.

To remember about the event, all children were gifted an Eskimo Girl toy. Animagrad Studio is planning to carry out such an animation days on a regular basis.


About UNICEF: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the world leader in protection of children’s rights and interests. The Fund works in more than 190 countries for protection and support of children from early childhood through adolescence. Programs of UNICEF are entirely financed by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments. Office of the Fund was opened in Ukraine in 1997. For more information, please visit Join us on Twitter, Facebook and ВКонтакте.

For more information, please contact:
Yuliya Yurova, Partnership Coordinator, UNICEF Ukraine,
tel.: + 38 (050) 414 30 53, e-mail:

About Film.UA Group. Through vertical integration of all key film and TV production processes (development, production and adaptation, distribution and delivery), FILM.UA Group has become one of the leading national media companies and a creative powerhouse among the countries of the CIS. Film.UA provides processing, production, adaptation, distribution and delivery of audio and visual content and provides full range of services in line with the world standards of film making processes.

Animagrad is a leading animation studio in Ukraine majoring in production of 2D and 3D animation. It was set up in 2012 and since then has produced a number of successful cinema products. One of the main goals of Animagrad is to foster renaissance of animation in Ukraine.

For more information, please contact:
Denys Barinov, PR-specialist,
tel.: +38 (096) 216 66 03, e-mail:



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