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TSN will make series of investigations about rights of children in cooperation with UNICEF

© 1+1/2013
TSN Executive Director Sergiy Popov and UNICEF Representative in Ukraine Yukie Mokuo

24 May 2013, Kyiv - From now on TSN will hold investigations and special reportages about problems of children in Ukraine jointly with UNICEF. Today 1+1 and The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have signed Memorandum about cooperation.

TSN will draw attention of television audience to those topics which are linked to lives of families and children in Ukraine. UNICEF is going to provide expert comments and assist in the search for the life stories. Memorandum about cooperation was signed by UNICEF Representatives in Ukraine Yukie Mokuo and TSN Executive Director Sergiy Popov.

“We are grateful that the United Nations Children’s Fund in Ukraine (UNICEF), an organization that solves global problems worldwide, has chosen us among other information programs for partnership in Ukraine. TSN has always been socially intended news programme. It cannot neglect vulnerable children. Thus, we will prepare relevant investigations in order to change the conditions of children,” noted Head of TSN Sergiy Popov.

There are nearly 8 million children in Ukraine, 60 thousand of which are in danger of higher risk. Over 100 thousand of them are orphans or deprived of parental care. More than 96 000 live in orphanages. There is no official number of “street children” in Ukraine, but most of the experts agree that their number rises up to 100 thousand. 22% of them take injection drugs, 65% of girls are involved in prostitution and every third girl with sexual experience admits that she has been pregnant. Street youth is the “basis” of HIV, since 18.4% children in this group are HIV positive. Ukraine is the most HIV/AIDS affected country in Europe. The total number of children who are HIV infected as a result of mother-to-child transmission continues to increase in 20-30%.

“TV can draw attention of society to the problems of children’s rights protection in Ukraine.  TSN strives to inform all groups of society, leaders of public opinion and politicians about the problems related to children and families in Ukraine. UNICEF is always ready to cooperate with all the partners in order to assist those that need it most of all. Considering this, we have common interests with 1+1 and we are going to cooperate in children’s interests,” pointed UNICEF Representative in Ukraine Yukie Mokuo.

Signing Memorandum about cooperation displays corporal social responsibility of 1+1 Media and concern of 1+1 TV channel and TSN about actual social problems considering protection of children’s rights and interests.

About UNICEF: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the world leader in protecting rights and interests of children. The Fund works in over 190 countries worldwide for protection and support of children from the moment of their birth and to the beginning of adulthood. Programs of the Fund are financed from voluntary contributions of individuals, companies, institutions and governments. Office of the Fund was established in Ukraine in 1997. More information could be found at Join us in Twitter, Facebook and  ВКонтакте.

For additional information please contact:
Natalya Vlasenko, PR-manager 1+1, +38 095 283 4398, +38 044 490 0101 (вн.3136),;
Veronika Vashchenko, UNICEF Kyiv, tel. +38 050 388 2951,



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