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When children are happy – the whole world is happy. Charity auction aiming to raise funds for children of Aspern

Kyiv, 2 March 2012 – A Charity auction dedicated to the 12th Anniversary of Aspern Fund was jointly organised by the Embassy of Austria, the Embassy of Belgium and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine. The raised funds will support Aspern projects, which aim to help vulnerable families and children in crisis situations.

Aspern is a Ukrainian charity organisation located in the district Darnytsa of Kyiv. The activities of ASPERN include the project Assistance to Families in Crisis Situations which started in 2000. Since that time, 150 families with 403 children have received support. The Fund also helps children, disabled, and sick people who need social assistance. Aspern is supported by Darnytsa district state administration in Kyiv, Caritas Vienna, Teachers without Borders Belgium and individual donors. Since 2005, Aspern Fund has successfully helped 5289 children.

The guests of the charity event enjoyed the performance of the children-beneficiaries of Aspern Fund showing their diverse talents in singing, theatre and gymnastic performances. In addition, there was an exhibition of the craft work made by children during the workshop lead by People`s Artist of Ukraine Oksana Akhrenenko at the premises of Aspern.

“It was in 1997, when Vera Koshil for the first time accompanied children of poor families from Kyiv to Vienna. 55 children were hosted by numerous families in Aspern, a suburban quarter of Vienna, and spent three joyful weeks without worries there. This first encounter was the starting point of a long-term relation with the people of Aspern and Caritas Vienna. When Vera decided to found her own organisation dedicated to help children in need, she named it Aspern, as the ongoing support and solidarity from Austria gave her the confidence to succeed in her commitment for vulnerable children and families. Vera recognized soon that help must not only go to children but that family strengthening is key for keeping them together. I am happy that Austrian citizens have been supporting Aspern in its endeavour to help families at risk since the very beginning.With a view to the coming years I look forward to seeing growing involvement of local authorities and commitment to work according to best practices and international experience. We would like to thank Austrian Airlines, Frey Wille and Fairmont Grand Hotel for their contribution and support”- said Wolf Dietrich Heim, the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Ukraine.

“Belgian volunteers have supported Aspern since 2001, after Vera Koshil made them discover the intolerable situation of the children and families whom she resolved to help.  They were struck by Vera’s preoccupation to take children off the street and to give them a home where their most fundamental needs would be met: food, clothes, urgent medical and psychological care, and, above all, affection.  All this was and is  rganized with unrelenting enthusiasm and energy on the part of Vera and her team.  For all these reasons, the help from the Belgians will remain forthcoming, alongside the indispensible commitment of the competent Ukrainian authorities. We thank our partners – Gofre, Osnovnoi Instinkt, Pavillon Flamant, Sun Inbev, Ukraine International Airlines – who contributed greatly to the full success of this event.” – said Jana Zikmundova, the Ambassador of H.R.H. the King of the Belgians.

“The efforts to address the needs of the most vulnerable children and families can be successful only in case of fruitful cooperation of civil society, national and local authorities, international community and carrying individuals. As always, UNICEF remains committed to care for children, protect their rights and support families to provide caring and loving homes for their children, ” – said Yukie Mokuo, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine.

“We are really grateful to all our partners, organisers and everybody who attended the event and bid for the charitable lots. The raised funds are critical for Aspern-led individual work with each crisis family to prevent children from social orphanhood in Kyiv and oblast. Thanks to your generous contributions, those who need our help the most will benefit.” – said Vera Koshyl, President of Aspern Charity Fund.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine:
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Embassy of the Republic Austria in Ukraine:
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Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Ukraine -
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Aspern Charity Fund:
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