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© UNICEF/UKRA/209/ Starostenko
It took long time and long fight to adopt this precious document – the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child that defines the course to a world in which children’s rights are fulfilled and all aspects of child well-being improve as a result. Fortunately, the children’s rights and interests are currently among the priorities of the governmental policy in Ukraine. In March 2009 National Plan of Action for Children to Implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child till 2016 became a Law of Ukraine.  Given the efforts of the public and authorities there are many achievements in the sphere of child protection at the national level. The birth rate has increased significantly and this year reached the highest point during 17 years of Independence of Ukraine. National adoption of children deprived of parental care increased in the last three years as well. The Child Care Reform in Ukraine entails the rapid development of new social institutes – foster family and children’s home of family type.
© UNICEF/UKRA/209/ Starostenko

However, there are reasons to tell about systematic violations of the rights of Ukrainian children. The level of poverty in the families with children exceeded 25% and in the families with many children – almost 80% in our country. The low capacity of the health care system does not allow addressing new emerging challenges and risks young people are facing today in Ukraine. The UNICEF’s studies show that adolescents are increasingly using tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs, contributing to health problems and increased death rate at young age. In spite of the priority to ensure rights of children deprived of parental care, the number of such children grows, currently reaching 103.5 thousand. The most painful issue is the realization of the constitutional right of orphans to housing. More and more often children become victims of human trafficking, worst forms of child labour, prostitution and pornography. But the most important challenge for the next years is to unite governmental accountability with individual responsibility of each citizen of our country. To make the concept of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child a reality for every child, it must become guidance for every adult.

Every child has the right to good quality health care 

Every child has the right to legal protection 

Every child has the right to a family 

Every child has a right to the development 




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