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Every child has a right to a family

© UNICEF/UKRA/209/Starostenko
Foster family of Valentyn and Tamara Kononenko, Dunayivtsi village, Kmelnytska oblast

According to the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Ukraine is committed to ensure the development of family-type care for children deprived of parental care and the prevention of the social orphanage through support to the families with children in difficult situations. Everyone knows that the family creates the most favourable environment for the development of a child. The early interference in the crises of a family and support to different types of family care for children allow to reduce the number of social orphans (children who do not live with their families but have at least one of the parents) through shifting the accent from the development of the child care institutions and internats to the support of relatives’ or foster families. UNICEF Ukraine supports the chain of the projects aimed at developing and piloting the new approaches to support the families. One of them is the pilot project in Khmelnytsky oblast co-funded by European Union and UNICEF.

© UNICEF/UKRA/209/Starostenko
Khmelnytsky Oblast Social Mother and Child Centre, Chornyi Ostriv village

The project is aimed at completing the following tasks: (1) reintegration of children deprived of parental care into their families, it will be determined whether reintegration is possible into relatives’ families; (2) where foster care, family type children’s home or adoption are the best solutions, potential foster or adoptive families will be recruited and trained; (3) prevention of early child abandonment, social work in communities will be pursued, concerned to identify families with problems so as to provide support before the problems become unmanageable.

  1. The issue of child well-being and full development is now frequently discussed in the community. Many people reproach the authorities, educational institutions and the whole society for their indifference to children. That is right to some extent; but it is also important to stress out that only a family is able to provide a child with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Only a family can bright a child up with joy and happiness.
  2. To prevent early child abandonment there are institutions of a new type in Ukraine – social centres for mother and child. Here the young mothers having got in the difficult situation find not only an accommodation but provided with psychological support and life skills. They are taught to care about their children. And the most important – they do not abandon their newborn babies. Now there are 8 young women with their children live in Khmelnytsky Social Mother and Child Centre. Since the establishment of the Centre in 2005 due to the timely rendered assistance 16 children have remained with their mothers.

Every child has the right to good quality health care 

Every child has the right to legal protection 

Every child has a right to the development 

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