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Every child has the right to legal protection

Kharkov child transit detention centre under Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs

According to the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Ukraine is committed to ensure the implementation of the principles of juvenile justice in all spheres of legal relationship. Recent years modern society more often encounters the necessity of prevention of crime among children and young people. Similar to many countries, juvenile delinquency is the consequence of poverty and unfavourable conditions in the family. UNICEF actively supports the development of juvenile justice in Ukraine that will ensure the legal protection of children in conflict with law. The new juvenile justice system anticipates the implementation of juvenile probation, mediation, prevention and social rehabilitation for children at the community level, establishment of the monitoring system to control the observance of the rights of the child in the conflict with law. The main challenge is to timely provide the assistance to such children and young people; reach out to a child committed a crime for him to admit his guilt. This can be gained only in case if the child is not left to the mercy of fate.

Kharkiv Comprehensive School of Social Rehabilitation

We can be outraged by young thieves, pilferers and street children-beggars but if we do not help them at the proper time these children will be lost for community in future. In Kharkov child transit detention centre under Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs there are children committed the crimes, as well as those who ran away from home and were announced as wanted persons by their parents and trustees. On two-storied building there is a rest room, a sleeping room, a room for psychological rehabilitation, a game room, a canteen and medical care room.

Penal confinement can negatively influence the further destiny of a teenager. The society should create the conditions so that the children committed the crime could get the second chance for the better life. UNICEF is working on implementation of the programme of mediation in Kharkiv School of Social Rehabilitation. The children there will go through the training of social and psychological rehabilitation in the framework of the programme on prevention of the recurring delinquency.

Every child has the right to good quality health care 

Every child has the right to a family 

Every child has a right to the development 

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