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UNICEF supports International Child Neurology Conference and its resolution on supporting the Immunization in Ukraine

© UNICEF/ UKR/ 2009/ 003/ A.Sweeting
Yukie Mokuo,UNICEF Representative for Ukraine at the International Child Neurology Conference in Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine  September 12, 2009 – UNICEF was among this year’s sponsors of the International Congress of Child Neurologists Association. This prestigious gathering brings,  every year,  medical experts from around the world to share and exchange latest information on the medical treatments of children with neurological disabilities.

This year’s congress was held  for the first time in Ukraine, 9-12 September, with the support of Ukraine 3000, a charitable foundation  presided by the first lady, Mrs. Kateryna Yushchenko; UNICEF and other private  sponsors.
The UNICEF support for this event comes under the medical component of UNICEF project “Restoring Trust in Immunization”.

During this year’s Child Neurologists Congress, UNICEF  sponsored two respected national medical experts who addressed  the gathering  on vaccine safety concerns.
This is very  significant in Ukraine since Child neurologists play a critical role in parent’s decision on immunization.

Immunization was never a major issue in Ukraine prior to 2008 as many parents were vaccinating children in public or private clinics.

Some serious concerns about vaccine safety were raised following an unfortunate case of death of an adolescent boy (17 years of age) in 2008 which were considered by some groups to be associated with Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccine, particularly during a national immunization campaign.

Following these events, many people were afraid to vaccinate their children. 

However, the Ministry of Health in Ukraine joined by the UN, and many international and Ukrainian medical experts were able to determine that the death was not caused by the vaccination.

© UNICEF/ UKR/ 2009/ 003/ A.Sweeting
Vasyl Knyazevych, Ukrainian Minister of Health and Yukie Mokuo,UNICEF Representative for Ukraine at the International Child Neurology Conference in Kiev

UNICEF and partners are working hard to rebuild the communities’ confidence in immunisation by making sure that correct and factual information is properly addressed to parents.

UNICEF is also organizing awareness raising campaign with different groups such as experts from the medical community, media, teachers and community leaders to highlight this issue.

 “Parent’s role is to defend and protect their children so if they make the wrong conclusions, they can cause their children great problems, and immunization is one example where this happens”, said the President of International Child Neurology, Robert Ouvrier,   during a press interview in Kiev.

Due to recent developments in Ukraine, the members of International Child Neurologists Association adopted a resolution in support of Immunization in Ukraine during this  international conference.


About UNICEF: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the world’s leader for children, working on the ground in 150 countries to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments. UNICEF opened its office in Kyiv in 1997. More information about UNICEF activities in Ukraine at



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