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OneMinutesJr workshop in Donetsk - Day 4

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
Drugs - just one of the problems young people in Ukraine are facing

It is getting more hectic by the hour on the fourth day of the OneMinutesr workshop in Donetsk. Tomorrow, Friday, all films have to be finished for the presentation at 3 PM as the first group is set to travel home at 7 PM already. They have a 24-hour trip in front themselves, all the way back to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

In the morning the group splits up and goes filming in three different locations. On a playground near the hotel, two groups have gathered to set up the location for Alina's and Yura's film. Yura comes first. The film is a simple one, but much depends on the frame-setting, the light, the dress of the actress and the proper timing. This is a "one-shot OneMinute" - there are no cuts, no editing except for the titles and the adding of a voice-over that tells the story. The film is about a 14-year old girl who raped and got pregnant - and about her life and her decisions.

The next in line is Alina who is doing a film about children and teenagers - about the transition, the problems and the conflicts. There are two teenagers drinking and using drugs in a park. A little girl with her teddybear watches the scene from afar. Once the teenagers leave, the little girl goes over to play with the syringes. The contrast between the teddybear and the syringe becomes very obvious in the final scene of the film...

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
Everybody wants to follow the editing process.

In the afternoon, the editing process really starts with most of the films shot and captured to the laptops. One of the funniest films of this workshop is going to be Dinara's film about a boy who goes out into the strees with a violin - although he cannot play it at all. All he does is to annoy the people around him. However, the final message is much deeper than expected. Want to find out more? Watch the film!

Chris Schuepp - Donetsk, Ukraine - August 20, 2009





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