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OneMinutesJr workshop in Donetsk - Day 2

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
UNICEF Representative in Ukraine, Yukie Mokuo (right), in front of a delivery room in a baby-friendly hospital in Donetsk.

The second day of the OneMinutesJr workshop on "child rights" in the Eastern Ukrainian city Donetsk starts with the finalization of the story-boards. The participants draw sketches of their planned films - scene by scene. This helps them to visualize their ideas and make sure that they will manage to film all the scenes they will need to put together their OneMinutesJr videos in the editing process later this week. Once all the story-boards are finished, the filming can begin.

At 11AM the group is visited by Mrs Yukie Mokuo, the new UNICEF Representative in Ukraine. She is on an official visit to the East of Ukraine and is making a stop-over to talk to the children and teenagers about their ideas, their concerns and their wishes. First of all, Mrs Mokuo watches some of the OneMinutesJr produced earlier this year in Kyrgyzstan to get an impression of what kind of stories will also be produced here in Donetsk. After watching the film "Pendulum", she suddenly has tears in her eyes.


In the discussion with the children at the workshop, the UNICEF Representative is very interested in how the participants came to the ideas for their films. It turns out that most of them have either seen or experienced the situations they will describe in their films, many of them with a negative background. "This is an important reminder for us to listen to the real stories. What you read in a newspaper is one thing - what the children tell you personally is a different thing. Even in this short session with them I could feel the intensity, the urgency of their ideas and feelings. We will definitely try to work with our counterparts in the media to broadcast the videos to further advance child rights in Ukraine", Mrs Mokuo said after the meeting with the children.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2009
Yura, Denis and Ira shooting foorage for their animation film.

In the afternoon, Darina (19) joins the UNICEF Representative at an official visit to a baby-friendly hospital in Donetsk. Darina needs a baby for her film and the official visit comes as a welcome opportunity to accompany the UNICEF team to the hospital. Almost 5,000 babies are born here every year and the hospital is highly regarded as a model institution in Eastern Ukraine. Darina soon finds a family with a newborn baby and gets to hold the baby for five minutes to shoot the footage for her film.

Back in the workshop room, another group is working on an animation film and yet another group is dressing up for an acting scene. Day 2 of the workshop is slowly coming to an end, but there will certainly still be a lot of activity tonight with 18 teenage participants waiting for their turn to switch on the cameras.

Chris Schuepp - Donetsk, Ukraine - August 18, 2009






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