Young volunteers scramble to save animals in Ukraine

Three friends take care of animals left without owners

Red Dog team
27 September 2022

Hi there, we are a Red Dog team 🧡🐶

The victims of the war in Ukraine are not only people, but also animals. Pets are just as afraid of the sounds of explosions and gunfire as we are. Some, unfortunately, do not manage to survive it. Also, many animals in the frontline regions have lost their owners. The pets who got used to warmth and feeding routines have ended up alone on the street. Left unattended, these animals now have to find food and water on their own. And this is not always possible...

A moderately-fed animal can withstand a maximum of one week of starvation. If the nutrition was bad before, which made the body weak, the animal will live without food for about seven days and, without water, no longer than four days 😱.

Meet Major

Our project started with his story. If Major could talk, this is what he would say...

Major the dog
Major the dog

"Hi there!

I was born and raised on the streets. I was always short of food, my sisters and brothers died because of hunger. For three years, I hid from people who always hurt me. And then something happened, someone caught me. I was in shock, I didn't know what would happen next. I was examined and put in a cage. Yes, I ended up in a shelter.

At first, it seemed that I would stay there forever. I was very afraid of everyone. And then my life changed again.

I remember this day well – a big man carried me out of the enclosure in his arms and hung some strange thing around my neck. I was extremely scared. I couldn't even move. A girl came up to me – as I found out later, her name was Daryna. She started talking to me, calming me down. Over time, Daryna began to come more and more often. I fell in love with her and was very afraid that she would disappear. One day, she came to me very happy, hugged me and said that we would live together. That's how I got a master and a home.

With the beginning of the war, my life changed again. Airplanes, explosions, panic. Daryna and I decided to help homeless animals. We look for owners for them and, of course, we give food to those dogs that need it most. Because many people abandoned their dogs when they fled during the war. And they are not at all adapted to life on the street, they do not know how to look for food and water.

If I'm a dog helping animals, why are you a human walking past and not paying attention to us? We need you!”


Our project was created to help ‘street’ animals.

  • First, we cooperate with cafes, restaurants and beauty salons, as well as with volunteers. We bring them food and bowls so that homeless dogs do not go without food💛🐶
  • Second, our partner is the Animal Treatment Centre💚. A family that takes a dog from this shelter also receives a box of food, a leash and a collar. We also give out a leaflet with rules for handling the dog and a ‘dog socialization’ certificate. Yes, we have already distributed 320 kilogrammes of feed, 60 leashes and the same number of collars 🐕.

But that's not all! On our Instagram, we post:

• Profiles of dogs from the Animal Treatment Centre who are looking for a home. We do everything so that as many people as possible see these posts, understand the problem and make an important decision – taking a furry friend home  ☺️✨.

• Video lessons on ‘How to teach a dog basic commands’ 💓🐩.

• Feed raffles for the largest number of fed homeless dogs🎉💚💫.



Help us with reposts and likes, it increases the likelihood of our dogs finding a home 🐕‍🦺


Ready to help? Follow our Instagram ☺️ With love, the Red Dog team🧡



Whoops, we forgot about our team members:




Daryna, 18

The captain of our team, a volunteer who cooperated with the Animal Treatment Centre and is the captain of the Friday stand-up team. Her love for animals is fascinating✨


Lara, 18

Before the war, she participated in stand-up. Lara’s hobby is vocals, so she never misses an opportunity to perform on stage and express herself. Lara has four dogs, seven cats and nine kittens.


Vlad, 17

Before the war, Vlad, like all of us, participated in stand-up. His hobby is playing guitar and he also loves dogs, so he gladly joined our project.

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