UNICEF and Teenergizer tackle mental health stigma in Ukraine

The #YOUAREOKAY campaign harnesses the power of social media and celebrities to highlight the importance of mental health in Ukraine.

24 November 2021

A landmark campaign to mark World Mental Health Month in October has been launched by UNICEF in Ukraine, as part of efforts to help reduce mental health stigma among both adults and adolescents. 

The #youareokay campaign is the result of a partnership between mental health specialists, UNICEF and members of Teenergizer, a youth organization which provides peer-to-peer online consultations to teenagers and young people.

Bloggers, activists and celebrities have been taking part in the #youareokay campaign, including the singer and television presenter Olha Tsybulska (Mamarika), executive director of the Olena Pinchuk Foundation Olha Rudnieva, co-founder of Fitness Geek Camp and Kind Challenge Tetiana Hriniova, and trainer and expert on healthy eating Yuliia Bohdan. 

As part of the campaign, UNICEF took to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to post infographics, tips, videos and links to online discussions on how to recognize stress, take care of yourself every day and ask for help if necessary.

Meanwhile, Teenergizer took the opportunity to remind young people about the help that is available, including free psychological consultations from professional psychologists.

Using the hashtag #youareokay, people can find useful tips and ideas on how to improve their mental health. This is particularly crucial following the global COVID-19 pandemic, which, through lockdowns, quarantine measures and social isolation, has increased the level of anxiety in both adults and young people. In addition, a simple step-by-step checklist, developed by UNICEF and professional psychologists, can help people to cope with daily stress.

Tetiana Hriniova, co-founder of Fitness Geek Camp and Kind Challenge and bit.ua publisher, suggested that her followers could benefit from running, writing in a diary about plans and feelings, thanking people, meditating and using breathing exercises. 


Anastasiia Dieieva, executive director of the “100% LIFE” charitable organization, also took the time to write to her followers about mental health on Instagram.

Screensavers for your phone, featuring small hints on how to take care of yourself, are available here:

Tere are useful tips for parents and adults on how to talk to children and teenegers about mental health.


Images reminding us that it is only natural to make mistakes are available to share on Facebook.

Sometimes, even just talking about our mental health can be difficult, but these tips can help us to talk to our loved ones.

The #youareokay campaign was launched with the support of the TikTok social video platform. In 10 short videos, UNICEF and young people talked about managing their emotions and thoughts, silencing their inner critics and, most importantly, how timely and professional psychological help can ease anxiety and negative emotions. More videos can be found on the UNICEF Ukraine TikTok page: https://www.tiktok.com/@unicef_ukraine 


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