“Going back might be painful”

Vsevolod is a Scout, used to having to move quickly to pack up a tent and belongings.

UNICEF, The Village
08 August 2022

“Whenever we evacuate, we do it quickly,” says the 17-year-old, confidently.

But it is not just his outdoor skills that help him to move quickly. Already in his short life, he has had to flee war twice and been forced to live in five different cities across Ukraine.

Vsevolod was born in Luhansk and then moved to Donetsk, where he encountered the war for the first time in 2014. Later, he spent short amounts of time in Cherkasy and Kharkiv. Now he is in Lviv with his family, praying that this time will be the last time.

“We can’t take everything with us. Whatever we leave behind stays behind.”

Vsevolod has not been to Donetsk or Luhansk since 2014. He misses those cities and dreams of returning after the war is over. He remembers them as bright places where he grew up, hung out and made friends. 


“But I understand that now they are populated by different people with a different worldview and different opinions,” he says. “Going back might be painful.”

What Vsevolod fears the most is losing his loved ones. And death is not the only way he can lose them. He lost all contact with his grandfather in Luhansk in 2014, when they had to urgently evacuate.

Vsevolod is currently studying at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. One day, he hopes to build a brighter future for his country. 



Over 7.13 million people are currently internally displaced in Ukraine. UNICEF continues supporting education in Ukraine through the All-Ukrainian School Online platform. Together with partners, UNICEF is enhancing the technical and accessibility features of the online platform and developing video content for Grades 5 to11.

Non-formal learning activities were organized for almost 500 children in 115 locations, including Spilno Spots, across Lvivska, Ternopilska, and Ivano-Frankivska oblasts. Moreover, around 180 children benefitted from workshops and masterclasses on scientific topics, which were organized by UNICEF and a partner organization in Lvivska oblast.