Sport against Bulling

Training program for the optional course


The program "Sports against bullying" is a component of the educational-methodical kit "Sport for development" for general education institutions. It aims to develop social skills in children of the same age, such as: effective communication, compassion, respect for human rights, teamwork, conflict prevention and constructive resolution, counteraction to negative social influences, negotiations, mediation, reconciliation.
The conducting of lessons-training is carried out within the framework of the curriculum of an elective course, the course on the choice "Sport against bullying" for general educational institutions. For high school students, you can use lessons-trainings within the educational hours. The program implements competent, person-oriented and individual approaches to teaching students, who are recognized in the world as the most effective for the development of psychosocial and physical skills of the individual.
The publication is intended for teachers, specialists in physical education and preservation of human health, school psychologists, students of higher educational institutions in pedagogical specialties and in the field of knowledge "Health and physical culture", methodists



VV Derevyanko, O.V. Pogontseva, I.R. Zaharchuk

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