Social conditionality and indicators of adolescent and youth health in Ukraine

The new sociological survey provides a detailed statistical account of the health of school children, and the impact of various factors on their well-being and behaviour patterns.



The monograph, prepared on the basis of the survey of student youth and heads of educational institutions in Ukraine, conducted within the framework of the international project "Health behaviour school-aged children" (HBSC) - "Health and behavioral orientations of Ukrainian youth", present the current trends in behavior adolescents in relation to health and the impact of social environments on the health of adolescents. The analysis of the data obtained gives grounds for determining the priorities of developing a healthy lifestyle, taking into account the specifics of different gender and age groups and providing appropriate recommendations.
The work is addressed to those who are preparing and taking decisions in Ukraine on health, healthy lifestyle and healthy behavior of Ukrainian young people (state authorities and management, influential politicians and public figures, etc.). as well as teachers, medical workers, youth leaders, volunteers of youth public organizations, that is, those people who are directly involved in risk prevention, knowledge provision and the promotion of young people's vital health skills.

Olga Balakireva, PhD; Tetyana Bondar, PhD; and others
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