UNICEF deliveres COVID-19 information kits to 2,000 Ukrainian schools

21 January 2021

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) provided over 2,000 schools across Ukraine with educational kits to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The packages contain educational and information materials for children of all ages helping to learn in a playful way how to stay safe during a pandemic.

The kits also include recommendations for staff to maintain a safe environment in schools, including information materials on disinfection in schools and at home, provided by UNICEF partner UNILEVER.

Domestos brand, that has lead the initiative "Cleaner World Healthier Children" since 2014 in Ukraine, has decided to join UNICEF program understanding that safety at schools is crutial during the Exams and after 1 September. People often forget the importance of surface hygiene in prevention of the spread of deseases. And surface hygiene is as important as washing hands or keeping distance.

Коробка із навчально-інформаційним набором


Since 1 September 2020, over 30,000 school-aged children have contracted COVID-19 in Ukraine. As of  December 2020, over 500 schools are closed due to quarantine with their students  learning remotely.

A UNICEF analysis shows that a significant number of children do not have the conditions in place for distance learning. One in ten children in urban areas lives in cramped apartments (less than five square metres available per person) without a separate room for studying. Forty-five per cent of low income families do not have access to computers at all.

“Disruptions in the education process create risks for the future of students. We must do everything possible to ensure access to education by creating a safe environment in schools and teaching children about healthy behaviours,” said Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine.

According to a survey conducted by UNICEF among school principals prior to the start of the school year, over 60 per cent of schools were in need of educational materials for students on safety measures during the pandemic.

Only 50 per cent of school managers were confident that they would be able to provide a sufficient number of surface disinfectants for their schools. Almost 20 per cent admitted that schools were constantly short of soap, and 40 per cent said they were short of paper towels.

UNICEF delivered informational kits to  1,000 schools in 33 cities and communities participating in the Child and Youth Friendly Communities Initiative, as well as 900 schools in the east and Zakarpattya. In addition, the 100 schools that win in the UNICEF dance challenge will also receive kits. The dancing project helps younger students remember the rules of hygiene through rhythmic movements.

"Teaching scholars on hygiene to protect them from invisible threat – i.e harmful microbes-  and advising schools how to clean properly frequently-touched surfaces is the task of  Domestos, said Vasyl Bovdilov, CEO of Unilever Ukraine. And we are very grateful to UNICEF for the opportunity to join such an important project.”

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