New Etiquette: UNICEF release videos about rules of preventive behaviour during the pandemic

31 December 2020

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) jointly with Postmen agency, have created three videos focusing on behavioral communication. The stories in these videos draw viewers’ attention to the fact that not observing safety rules during the pandemic is as unacceptable as other behavior which we regard as unethical in more normal times.

COVID-19 has led to adjustments in all areas of human life. Safe and unsafe, right and wrong, shameful and not shameful have acquired new meanings. The pandemic has also changed social norms, especially in public places. Therefore, the videos rest upon following the three new rules of etiquette: 1) wearing a mask; 2) keeping a distance; and 3) regular washing and disinfection of hands.

"Behavioural communications are still relevant in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At this stage, our task is not just to remind people about the rules of behavior, but to form firm social norms about the new etiquette. An etiquette that protects and saves life,” explained Anna Sukhodolska, UNICEF's Head for Behavioural and Social Communications.

Serious rules of behavior are presented via good-natured irony and grotesque with the aim of making the audience interested in the story and, at the same time, communicating that new social norms have emerged.

If someone does not wear a mask, this is more impudent than if a person opens a container of pungent food in public transport. In addition, violations of private space are no longer as annoying as not keeping a social distance of at least two meters. Real untidiness is now seen not in insufficiently neat manners, but in disregard for hand disinfection.


The New Etiquette Rules: Are your hands really clean?



The New Etiquette Rules: Have you covered your nose with a mask?




The New Etiquette Rules: Are there really 2 metres between you?

Producer Olia Mykhalets spoke about the challenge faced by the team: to vvidly portray examples of unpleasant behaviour so that viewers can read them and be able to relate them to their own life experience, with an attitude of healthy humour and irony. And most importantly, to hear and remember the rules of the new etiquette.

The videos were made by a Postmen Production team directed by Anton Shtuka.

“The videos show viewers a clear and comprehensible message: the necessary rules of good manners and modern etiquette are the new normal. I think this is a very worthy goal, and I am happy to join this project,” shared director Anton Shtuka. His creative approach was expressed by emphasizing the irony thought accents in the shooting angles of the comical videos. Generally, the atmosphere of the videos is cinematic and warm – owing to the colours and moods of the characters.

These videos are the second part of UNICEF's behavioural campaign “The New Etiquette Rules”. In October 2020, outdoor advertising with Mr Hoba was placed in 40 Ukrainian cities in 1,200 spaces, with opportunity to see of 15 million. The outdoor advertising was possible thanks to the support and social responsibility of the Bigmedia agency.

The campaign was also conducted on UNICEF social media, where the animated content with the new etiquette rules was posted. Facebook's reach was almost 1.5 million, and the number of views exceeded 600,000.


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