A healthy planet for every child is a dream worth fighting for

Blog-post by Yana Polyvets, 16 years


My name is Yana, I am 16 and live in a small town of Dobropillia in Donetsk oblast, Ukraine.

I have always been believed that the ecosystem of my city needs a brand new solution.

“What can a teenager do alone?”, you could ask.

Young people are capable of anything, for the sake of the future of their nearest and dearest - I will answer you with confidence.

Ukraine is an insanely beautiful country. Beautiful not only visually, but also spiritually, because it shimmers with the colours of wonderful people, many of whom have supported the Eco-Boom project which I lead.

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Eco-boom is about growing and planting trees, bushes, seedlings, flowers; it is about sorting garbage; and it is about using a huge number of California worms, which can improve the quality of soil and plants in general . All of this is a huge task for children and adults, of the present and the future.

Everyone has the right to a healthy environment and for this, it is worth taking care of ourselves. Yes, yes, yes – it is about taking care and respecting ourselves!


If everyone thinks about their tomorrow, buys food packed in something other than plastic, sorts their garbage and appreciates living here and now, it will help address the problem of climate change and global warming.

The paradox of today is that people have to save the planet from themselves. And it is really scary and alarming, BUT I have a dream about our environment getting better.

My dream is about adults teaching their children to appreciate our planet. And it is about young people using all the information and knowledge that they have to take care of the earth. It is about children and adults working hand-in-hand.

My dream is worth fighting for.

I am grateful to our mentor Olena Istomina for her patience and perseverance in the project. She is the person who has helped organize everything, and in no small way we owe our accomplishments to her.

Yana's project is a part of the "Young Energy of Community" initiative. This is a small grants project funded by UNICEF and the European Union to support the civic engagement of youth in Eastern Ukraine. Yana's project is one out of 56 youth projects funded through "Young Energy of Communities" in 2018-2019.