Growing up without gender stereotypes

Challenging gender norms and gender inequalities to create a more equitable environment for all children to thrive



UNICEF’s Gender Policy (2021-2030) and Gender Action Plan (2022-2025) emphasize UNICEF’s commitment to promoting gender equality around the world and recognize the integral role that positive gender socialization plays in transforming harmful gender norms and practices. 

In Ukraine, families are adapting to a full-scale war reality, with parenting styles to change, too. Unequal treatment in childhood limits boys’ and girls’ potential and deepens power imbalances between men and women and can exacerbate trauma related gender-based violence, especially in conflict settings. Parents, caregivers, and frontline workers have the potential to influence and transform imbalanced power structures in families, communities, and societies. 

UNICEF in Ukraine, together with the Girls NGO, developed a resource package for frontline workers, parents and caregivers, and children to support gender-transformative parenting practices at home and support positive gender socialization of children and adolescents. The materials are based on the Resource Package for Promoting Gender-Transformative Parenting produced by UNICEF with the International Step by Step Association (ISSA).  

Author: UNICEF

Publication date: January 2024

Language: Ukrainian