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Tobacco and Alcohol Use

Overall, 16.2% of women aged 15–49 are current cigarette smokers.

Smoking habits differ in urban and rural areas. Smoking is less prevalent among women of reproductive age in rural areas (8.1%), though they smoke more, whereas the percentage of female smokers of the same age in cities is almost 19.0%.

In Ukraine, smoking mainly starts during adolescence, and the percentage of those who smoked the first cigarette before the age of 15 does not differ significantly between urban and rural residents (2.5 -3.0%).

According to MICS 2012, only 9.3% of women reported that they had never had a drink of alcohol. This indicator differs significantly by type of settlement: 13.7% in rural areas compared to 7.8% in urban areas. Alcohol consumption among women in Ukraine typically starts before the age of 20, including 5.2% of those who had at least one drink of alcohol before 15.



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