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Access to Mass Media

In Ukraine, television is the most widespread source of information: 96.5% of women watch TV at least once a week. 59.3% of women aged 15-49 read newspapers and 49.8% of women listen to the radio. On the whole, 35.8% of women use all the three mass media at least once a week.

Men aged 15-49 years reported slightly lower use of all the mass media than women. 52.8% of men read newspapers at least once a week; about 51.7% of listen to the radio, and over 95.3% watch television at least once a week. 34.6% of men are exposed to all three types of media at least on a weekly basis.

Main sources of trusted information on health-related issues for both women (83.2%) and men (72.7%) aged 15-49 years are health workers. 24.2% of women and 28.0% of men mentioned friends and relatives as sources of such information.

Over one-third of women (34.7%) and slightly fewer men (29.5%) aged 15-49 search for information on health-related issues in the Internet which is particularly popular among the young age group and among urban residents.

The least trusted source of information for women is the radio (1.2%), and for men – the radio and magazine publications (0.6% and 0.3% respectively). Women 3.8% of women do not trust any source, while men are even more critical – 6.9% of them do not trust any source of information on health related issues.



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