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Child Protection

Child Labour

According to Ukraine MICS 2012, the percentage of children of 5-14 years of age involved in different forms of child labour in Ukraine is 2.4, which is basically due to the engagement of children aged 5-11, who are involved in labour activities at least 1 hour a day. 

Child discipline

In Ukraine, 61.2% of children aged 2-14 years were subjected to at least one form of psychological or physical punishment by an adult in the household during the past month preceding the survey. 1.0% of children were subjected to severe physical punishment.

Percentage of children aged 2-14 years subjected to any violent discipline method, by sex

Attitudes toward domestic violence

2.9% of women in Ukraine believe that a husband has a right to hit or beat his wife. Women who approve of a husband’s violence, in most cases agree and justify violence in instances when the woman neglects the children (2.6%). men are more likely than women to agree with one of the reasons to justify beating a wife/female partner (9.4%).



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