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In the section on child Health, the most relevant topic in the Ukrainian context is immunisation. Besides, this section covers oral rehydration treatment, care seeking and antibiotic treatment of pneumonia, solid fuel use.

Almost all children (94.5%) aged 18-29 months received a BCG vaccination by the age of 12 months, and the first dose of DPT was given to 79.4% of children. The percentage declines for subsequent doses of DPT to 65% for the second dose, and 41.8% for the third dose. 79% of children received Polio1 by 12 months of age. The percentage declines to 65.5% for the second, and to 47.8% - for the third dose of Polio vaccine.

The coverage for MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination of children aged 18-29 months during the first 18 months of their lives is only 62.7%.

According to MICS 2012 results, only 65.1% of children received the first dose against Hepatitis B by their first birthday. The coverage with subsequent HepB vaccinations declines significantly to 53.6% for the second dose, and to 26.1% for the third dose.

The coverage for Haemophilus influenza (Hib) during the first year of life is 74.9% for the first dose (at one month of age), and 60.7% - for the second dose (at 4 months of age).



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