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Misha, 4 and Nadia, 7 live in Bondars' family. It is a family type children home with 15 children.

UNICEF works in Ukraine to ensure that all children and young people, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, can grow up in a caring family or family-like environment, and that their funda- mental rights are met.

In 2012 UNICEF has started a new programme in Ukraine with four main components:

The Advocacy, Information and Social Policy Programme is working to put child rights at the top of the political and public agenda, monitor the government’s progress on child rights and to increase the involvement of young people in decision-making processes and the mass media. Monitoring of child rights and informing policy-making is assisted through the use of socio-economic analysis based on national data and using national and international experience.

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The HIV/AIDS Children and Youth Programme is helping to build the capacity of the Government of Ukraine and civil society to halt the spread of HIV among newborns, children as well as adolescents, and to ensure that those already infected have access to quality care and antiretroviral therapy. UNICEF is also working to improve young people’s life skills and increase their access to confidential and non-judgmental health services.

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The Child Protection Programme is working with the government and civil society to create a system of family-based care to replace the state care system for orphans and children deprived of parental care. A preventive juvenile justice system is being developed with UNICEF support. Through technical assistance and advocacy, UNICEF is assisting the government to strengthen laws and policies to protect children from abuse. 

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The Child Health and Development Programme aims to provide equal access to quality health care services for all children and mothers, protecting them from iodine deficiency and ensuring that children grow up in friendly family and community environments that foster their mental and physical health and development.

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Children’s play at infant home for orphaned and abandoned children.





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