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Youth policy

Career guidance_April 2017 (docx)

Youth day themes_April 2017 (docx)

Youth Day_February 2017 (docx)

Youth employment, May 2016 (docx)

Youth Policy, Nov 2016 (docx)

Youth policy, Dec 2016 (docx)

Youth policy, september 2016 (docx)


Healthcare and HIV, Sept 2016 (docx)

HIV testing, May 2016 (docx)

Social activism

Volunteer Dec, 2016 (docx)

Civil, Activity, Oct 2016 (docx) 


Sexual education February 2017 (docx)

Informal, education Oct 2016 (docx) 

Issues that matter to youth and children

Children and online safety March 2017 (docx)

Bullying, may 2016 (docx) 

Children rights, eng Oct 2016 (docx)

Discrimination, aug 2016 (docx)


Bullying, may 2016 (docx)

EndViolence with David Beckham, Nov 2016 (docx)

Gender based violence Deс, 2016 (docx)

School conflicts, Dec 2016 (docx)

Gender equality

Gender Equality February 2017 (docx)

Gender based violence Deс, 2016 

Sustainable development goals and activities of international organizations

Youth empowerment and leadership, apr 2016 (docx)

Youth lifestyle

Sport, Feb 2017 (docx)

May, 2016 Migration youth potential (docx)

Feedback on U-Report project

Monitoring poll-what U-reporters think of U-report September 2017 (docx) 



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