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The UN Resolution of 2005 Strengthening of international cooperation and coordination of efforts to study, mitigate and minimize the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster shows the UN concern about the catastrophe aftermaths that still have a negative impact on life and health of more than 5 million people, especially of children in the affected areas. At the same time this Resolution announces the necessity of transfer from rehabilitation to development programmes. 

The Chernobyl disaster resulted in additional irradiation of population in Ukraine, however now radiation does not exceed the permissible levels and residing of people in the territories affected by the Chernobyl accident is not threatening their life span and health. Observance of healthy lifestyle principles and safe life-sustaining activities as well as abiding by simple sanitary-hygienic rules and fulfilling easy prevention activities allow preserving health, deliver and grow a healthy child.

However, findings of the last research show that 70% of families living in the affected territories consider that their health is first of all affected by radiation and only one third of families agree that their health largely depends on their diets, ways and conditions of life.

In order to most effectively address the needs of the population suffered from Chernobyl disaster the UN agencies agree upon joint principles and working methods and devised a joint action plan till 2016. According to this plan and jointly with other partners UNICEF is working in the following directions

  • Improvement of quality and access to primary medical assistance to mothers and children through implementation of the Expanded Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and the Integrated Childhood Diseases Management;
  • Fostering development of educational system for parents in development, nutrition and prevention of injuries in children including development of the School for Dads network;
  • Creation of effective system for prevention of iodine deficiency disorders;
  • Creation of models for providing comprehensive basic services to population through a network of family centres;
  • Improvement of family awareness about care, nutrition and development of children by broad circulation of the publications Facts for Live – Chernobyl.

In 2009 with support from UNICEF the Chernobyl Project is implemented in Zhytomir, Vinnitsa and Kiev oblasts. In 2010 the Project will cover Rivne and Chernigiv oblasts.



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