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Olya, 6 with the volunteer Masha,17 drawing in the Kyiv’s shelter assisted by UNICEF. Olya is living at shelter because her mother is a drug user.


The Government of Ukraine has developed a number of national policies and programmes to benefit children. However, implementation mechanisms and budgetary allocations for these efforts are often inefficient and insufficient.

Policy making is not always well informed due to a lack of data and inadequate analysis. Furthermore, children have little opportunity to participate in political decisions that affect their lives and well being.

Action: Improving the situation of children in Ukraine through more effective policies, improved child rights monitoring and increased participation

UNICEF Ukraine implements a programme called Advocacy, Information and Social Policy. This involves working with the government and civil society and media to help develop child-friendly policies and norms, establish a transparent and efficient monitoring system for child rights and empower young people to get to know and enjoy their rights.

To achieve these goals the following activities are being implemented:

  • Development of a comprehensive child rights monitoring and advocacy system.
  • Introduction of a Child Friendly City governance model to encourage the redistribution of resources to benefit children and families with children; improve the quality of social services; protect vulnerable children; and introduce the participation of children in decision-making at the local level.
  • Strengthening the capacity of the government to implement informed policies through the data management system for collating, storing and mapping data.
  • Assisting the Government of Ukraine to develop and implement a National Action Plan of Action for Children and other important policy documents.
  • Ensuring children’s participation in decision-making processes by giving them a voice through the media and child advisory councils.
  • Engaging the mass media in partnerships for children.


With UNICEF support, four local administrations in western Ukraine have established Child Advisory Councils to advise the local government on issues concerning children and youth.

With assistance from UNICEF, six cities are working towards the introduction of the Child Friendly City governance model.

UNICEF promoted ethical media reporting through adopting and sharing with the Ukrainian journalists the “The Media and Children’s Rights Handbook” and 50 non-governmental organisations to promote child rights.

UNICEF regularly conducts information campaigns among general public to raise awareness on the importance on protecting rights of children, especially the most vulnerable children and families, in Ukraine.

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UNICEF is actively advocating for most-at-risk adolescents. Sergey, 15 lives in the streets of Odesa, a city by the Black Sea, Southern Ukraine.



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