“Way Home” (Odesa)

Organization: Odesa charitable foundation for rehabilitation and social adaptation of homeless people “Way to Home”

Project Title: Providing access to HIV prevention and VCT for most-at-risk adolescents in Odesa city

Project lifespan: 11 June 2012 – 31 December 2014

Main activities:

  1. Rehabilitation: step-by-step overcoming of the consequences of being homeless, including case diagnostics and consecutive provision of services for the comprehensive social rehabilitation of a child;
  2. Prevention: timely intervention in the family or social problems of a child or adolescent in order to prevent risky behaviour and living on the street. Focus is made on prevention of HIV, abuse of psychoactive substances and other risks that may be relevant for a child, an adolescent or a young person in difficult life circumstances, in a vulnerable family situation or negatively affected by the environment;
  3. Cooperation and coordination: establishment of local coordination mechanisms in Odesa oblast and carrying out quarterly meetings on prevention of risky behaviours and provision of necessary services for children, adolescents and youth from the vulnerable groups;
  4. Experience sharing: sharing the experience of CF “Way to Home” with professionals of Ukrainian NGOs working in the area of prevention of service provision, VCT, social case management, testing and treatment.

Project results:
Client coverage within the preventive model of child programme of Odesa CF “Way to Home”

In total since 11 June 2012 to 20 September 2014
Number of children and adolescents who benefited from the services 7667
Number of school students who received high-quality knowledge on HIV/AIDS through peer-to-peer interventions 1845
Number of “street children” who received hot meals, clothes, health care through outreach activity of the “Social patrol” 1239
Number of clients of “Bridge to the future” 982
Number of children from families covered by social case management “Mobile family support services” (since 2014 this indicator also encompasses IDP families with children) 858
Number of clients of “Smile” 277
Number of clients of “Open doors” 796
Number of clients of “Mercy” 630
Number of clients who received full course of addiction or STI treatment “Stay healthy” 729
Number of “street children” who were able to stay in the shelter “Big family” 311

Organization: Odesa charitable foundation for rehabilitation and social adaptation of homeless people “Way to Home”
10, Sofiivska str., 65082, Odesa, Ukraine
Tel.: (048) 777 20 76
Fax: (048) 719 06 65
E-mail: office@wayhome.org.ua  

Project web-page (with the support of UNICEF and EU):




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