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Welcome to U-report!

We are young Ugandans amplifying our voices together in order to be heard by decision-makers at the highest levels! There are over 240,000 U-reporters, and we’re growing each day.

Are you a young Ugandan?  Join U-report today by texting “join” to 8500.  All SMSs are free!

What is U-report?
U-report is a free SMS service designed to give young Ugandans a voice on issues they care about.  Every U-reporter is given an opportunity to participate in the decisions that affect them and take an active role in the development of Uganda, leading to transparency and accountability at the grassroots level.

The system was launched in May 2011 with the support of UNICEF, now has over 240,000 active U-reporters, and is growing through partnership with the Government, NGOs, youth organizations, faith-based organizations, and private companies.

How does it work?
Users register for free by texting “join” to 8500 on their mobile phone to become a U-reporter.  Each week, U-reporters answer a free SMS poll or question on issues dealing with health, child protection, school, safe water, and more.

Poll results are published in newspapers, reflected on radio, and placed directly into the hands of Members of Parliament. All SMSs are free, a vital element in removing the barriers to participation. 

The most engaged U-reporters are given an opportunity to represent the views of their fellow members in special engagement with the media or a Member of Parliament. 

For more information and to read poll results, go to

“…to sum it up U-report has b'com our union of xpresion.” 
- SMS from U-reporter M.Myco, Wakiso, Uganda.




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