Go Back To School Campaign gives Nakut another chance to education

"I want to be a journalist, I admire the way they speak with confidence"

By Proscovia Nakibuuka Mbonye
Go Back To School campaigns
UNICEF Uganda/2019/Adriko
01 August 2019

Pupils from Nabilatuk Town Council Primary School, Nabilatuk District, Karamoja sub-region, use UNICEF-supported Go Back To School campaigns to encourage children who had dropped out of school to return, stay in school and complete their education. Through songs, drama, music and sports, the pupils disseminate messages on the benefits of education. 

The campaigns led by Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation with support from UNICEF and financial assistance from Irish Aid, target both girls and boys and many have returned since their inception.

17-year-old Gloria Nakut a primary six pupil at Nabilatuk P.S. is one of the beneficiaries having heard about the campaign in her community.

“I had heard that they were looking for children who were interested in returning to school especially those like us who did not have any support.”

Nakut dropped out of school in 2013 while in P3. It all started with the demise of her mother leaving her behind with a father who didn’t value the education of her daughter. Instead he planned to marry her off at only 13 years.

“I don’t know why my father didn’t support me because I was enjoying school and was doing well,” Nakut said with a lot of sadness.

Out of school, with no parental care, Nakut run away from home. She stayed with different relatives, worked as a housemaid, slept in people’s gardens but nothing worked. Overwhelmed with her situation, Nakut returned home. “I went back home, and my father took me to the man. However, I played along and when they left me with him, I poured soil in his eyes and I escaped. I knew that if I married, I would suffer even more in future,” Nakut shared.

Fortunately, around this time, she heard about the Go Back To School campaign and that is how she ended up at the gates of Nabilatuk TC Primary School. Nakut, currently the head prefect of the school is determined to complete school. She aspires to be a journalist because she admires how they speak with confidence on the television.

“I was determined not to get married because that was not my path. I know life has its challenges, but I will do all I can to stay in school,” 

she says

Thanks to the campaign, Nakut is on full scholarship but she has to take care of her scholastic materials. During holidays, she makes doughnuts for sale, to earn some little money. The school administration continues to support her to ensure she catches up with other pupils since she was out of school for a long time.

Nakiru Korobe the Headteacher confirms that through the Go Back To School campaigns many children – both boys and girls that had dropped out of school for one reason or another, have been enrolled in Nabilatuk TC P.S and are doing well. The teachers are providing all the necessary support and creating a conducive environment for the children to learn.  

Today, Natuk is among the pupils who participate in the various community engagements to disseminate messages on the benefits of staying in school and completing school. She is a beneficiary of the Campaigns and would want many more other children to benefit.  

She encourages young people to be confident and to focus on achieving their dreams. 

“Look out for opportunities like these Campaigns, they can give you an opportunity to be a better person,”

Nakut ends.
Go Back To School campaigns
UNICEF Uganda/2019/Adriko

Thanks to Irish Aid, by the end of 2018, a total of 1,799 adolescents (933 girls, 866 boys) across the Karamoja sub-region, had returned to school enjoying, learning and hoping to achieve their dreams.