In Abim, parents are supporting their children to learn following school closure

Learning continues during COVID-19

By Rosemary Alweny
coronavirus, COVID-19, learning materials, education, education in emergencies
UNICEF Uganda/2020
24 June 2020

It is 1pm and Agnes sweeps the compound in her home located in Alula village, Kiru parish, Abim subcounty in Abim District. She has just returned from the garden where she started in the wee hours of the morning.  Agnes, 35 years is  a senior four graduate, and  mother of 6 children. Following the school closures after the COVID-19 outbreak, Agnes’s children do not attend school and are learning from home.

To ensure children continued to learn while at home, the Ministry of Education and Sports in partnership with UNICEF and other partners supported the printing and distribution of learning materials for primary and secondary school levels. The materials, recently disseminated, targeted children from far away districts especially those with low education indicators. Agnes’s district, Abim was one of them. 

Sharing with joy, Agnes reported she had received the learning materials that were distributed by the Local Council One in her village. Fortunately for her, five of her six children attending Primary one, two, three, four and six now have access to the learning materials and can continue to study during the lock down. She was informed that the materials for primary five were out of stock, so she must wait.  

Asked how she would guide the children to learn, Agnes noted

“ I have so far read through the primary three work and I think I know the answers.”

Despite receipt of the learning materials, Agnes envisages challenges ahead. With no teacher to support her children learn, she must apportion time in between her busy schedule to sit with the children and provide the necessary support.

“It is not easy to support the children to learn during the daytime because of too much work and as you can see, I am just from the garden. I only find time after supper and so far, I started with Vivian who attends primary four. I intend to schedule each day for each child, and I believe I will do it,”

said Agnes.

Agnes is one of the few parents who are supporting her children to learn at home. Fortunately, she is able to, because she can read and write. Her message to fellow parents is to ensure they create time to support their children to learn.