UNICEF Uganda Karamoja Response Report (September 2022)

Situation overview in Karamoja

A nurse from Nadunget HC


•The population in need in Karamoja exceeds the caseload reached with humanitarian food and nutrition assistance provided thus far1.
• While harvests temporarily improved food consumption, given the below average crop production, above average prices, and below-average income-earning, households will likely continue to face food consumption gaps and crisis outcomes (IPC Phase 3) even in the post-harvest period.2
• Area-level Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes are expected to persist through at least January 2023, with worst affected households in Emergency (IPC Phase 4). Levels of acute malnutrition remain atypically high in many areas.3
• From May to August 20224, all nine districts have completed at least one round of mass malnutrition screening. The mass malnutrition exercise was conducted with support from UNICEF, WFP and respective District Local Governments (DLGs).

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