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“I call it a Wonder Machine” – MobiStation attracts youth in Kampala


MobiStation is a solar-powered multi media kit in a suitcase, pre-loaded with educational content that has become TLC Youth Centre’s new attraction.

Once the sun sets and MobiStation is rolled out, many children and youth gather at the local youth center. Equipped with a solar-powered laptop, a low-power projector, a microphone and an audio system, MobiStation creates an innovative learning environment for children and youth while entertaining them at the same time.

In doing so, MobiStation is attracting larger crowds to come to TLC Youth Centre to enjoy movies, music and dance which are then followed by discussions about issues concerning youth in their community such as drug abuse and violence.

Watch Hoody K. take you on a tour about his role as a peer educator, his journey as a MobiStation operator and his passion as a musician with a message. See how youth in Kamwoyka’s slum area are benefitting from the so called “Wonder machine” and how Hoody K., together with this innovation, acts as a force for change for youth in Uganda.

Karin Bridger
Videographer, UNICEF Uganda



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