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MobiStation – An innovation supporting education in and out of schools in Uganda

MobiStation, a solar-powered classroom in a suitcase, is a multimedia tool that supports education in and out of schools and assists teachers to provide a higher quality education. The tool is also used to support health care and youth engagement projects.

Built into a portable suitcase, it is equipped with a solar-powered laptop, a low-power projector and an audio system. MobiStation can be used to project school books, teaching videos and other digital materials in a wide range of environments. Through the provision of specific offline content to compliment the school curriculum (e-books, lessons from the best teachers, and other multimedia content), it creates an innovative learning environment that can be carried to various locations, without the need for internet access. Interactive tools such as a touchpad with a pen and a wireless keyboard can also be used to more actively involve students in learning.

We are excited to show you this video about how MobiStation acts as a force for change for youth and education, village health workers, and in emergency situations in Uganda. More videos are to come throughout the week so stay tuned to learn more about this “wonder machine”!

Karin Bridger
Videographer, UNICEF Uganda



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