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Building Young Futures: Providing new hope for vulnerable young people

By Charles-Martin Jjuuko

Caroliner Nambooze talks with confidence about what the future holds for her and peers.

At 18, she has no doubt that the financial literacy skills earned during a recent training shall change her way of doing business forever.

“The best training I have got out of this is how to save my earnings,” she says with a wide smile.

“This shall help me to expand my business without much borrowing,” adds the young tailor, who is also a Mentor at her Kibaati B Club in Mubende town.

After completing her primary school, Caroliner joined the Mubende Community Polytechnic in 2011 to pursue a tailoring course. She has since taken to tailoring in Mubende town with what she terms “modest” earnings.

But Building Young Futures, a partnership between Barclays and UNICEF that is empowering thousands of young people in six countries – Brazil, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Uganda and Zambia – is about to change her fortunes.

Caroliner has successfully concluded Financial Literacy training at BRAC Uganda, the facilitators of the unique initiative.

“I really would like to thank Barclays for moving me and friends to this high level of empowerment,” who is part of the 70 young people who received training in the month of May alone.

Building Young Futures will train 74,000 young people in six countries where the initiative is under implementation. Barclays, UNICEF and BRAC anticipate that over 10,000 young people shall have benefited from the financial literacy and employability skills that are being shared over a period of three years.

The beneficiaries of the initiative have no disappointments. Rose Katusabe, for instance, lights up with a warm smile at the mention of the initiative.

"Our training, sponsored by Barclays, UNICEF and BRAC, takes adolescents of 14 to 24 years. With these skills, I can talk to my peers with confidence and also do something tangible for myself," says Rose, who is a mentor in her neighbourhood, Kizungu, Fort Portal.

Diana Kagwa, the Building Young Futures Manager at BRAC has no doubt after the mentors receive their financial literacy training, they will be able to share that knowledge with their peers and progressively change the lives of thousands more young people in Uganda.




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