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Cholera is a dangerous disease that can kill in a short time. Here are a few things you can do to prevent cholera.

Typhoid is a life-threatening disease that can kill if left untreated.


Typhoid is a life-threatening disease. It causes a sudden onset of high fever, diarrhoea and
sometimes vomiting. This leads to rapid loss of water and salts from the body making the
person weak. Typhoid can kill if left untreated.

Typhoid: What you need to know and do!


Marburg poster

Poster with detailed information about the signs and symptoms of the disease that can start from 2 to 21 days of contact with an infected person or body.


   Booklet with frequently asked questions with answers on the Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever



 General information leaflet with detailed information on Marburg
- What is Marburg?
- How is Marburg spread?
- What are the signs and symptoms of a person suffering from Marburg?
- What should be done to someone suspected to be suffering from Marburg?
- Who is at risk?
- How can Marburg be prevented?

   Marburg pictorial leaflet with detailed information about the disease in pictures


Guidelines for control of Ebola fever in the community
- How to recognize Ebola patient
- Protective measures
- What to do as you arrange for transport to the health facilities
- Monitoring the disease
- Burial guidance
- Hygiene in household



Poster with facts about Ebola

- What is Ebola?

- What are the signs and symptoms of Ebola?

- How is Ebola spread?

- How can Ebola be prevented?

        Immunization poster - Take your children for immunization 5 times before their first birthday    

      Immunization poster - Health workers! Remember to give 4 key messages


        Immunization poster - The greatest Birthday Gift for your one year old child is: Immunizing 5 times to complete the immunization schedule before first birthday       

        Immunization poster - We are responsible parents, our children have completed the immunization schedule. WHAT ABOUT YOURS?

        Immunization poster - We are alive today because we were fully immunized!


Poster - Uganda united against Measles for healthy children 

         Poster - PCV : A vaccine to protect children against Pneumonia and Meningitis

         Leaflet - A vaccine that protects children against PNEUMONIA and MENINGITIS : What VHTs & Community Mobilisers need to know

         Brochure - Uganda united against polio for healthy children 

         Booklet - Mobilizing communities for immunization services : What VHTs and community mobilisers need to know and do  

         Booklet - Promotion of routine immunization in Uganda : What national and district leaders need to do 



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